Monday, April 17, 2006

Respect For the Dead

I'm speechless... What kind of people do something like this. This is my grandmother's grave. The stone has been replaced at least 5 times that I can remember. Yet each time, hardly any time passes by and someone has damaged it or stolen it. This graveyard is located in Rusaifa. We thought of moving it to a newer place, considering the type of stuff that goes on, but of course, this isn't allowed. I still don't understand what kind of a person does something like this!

OK, this is proof that grave desecration happens everywhere and for many reasons, and isn't always an act of racial targetting. Cemetery maintenance is important because graves do decay over time. Omar, many reasons why this could have happened. Some people even steal the stones for construction purposes. I say get a steel grave! If I think of any solutions, I'll let you know;)

I have heard such stories from b4 , but i couldnt find a justifed reason why would they do that !?
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